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A Message from our COO: Last year was a big year

Robert N. Black, III, Esq.
COO Diadon Enterprises, Inc.
U.S. Congresswoman Joyce Beatty
3rd District of Ohio

Last year was a big year — we delivered strong results, launched secured new projects and positioned Diadon Enterprises for an incredible future. I have taken on additional responsibility for operations and client management at Diadon Enterprises to leverage my experience as a Vice President at Goldman Sachs and managing a Sub-Saharan African SME company portfolio for SAEDF to fuel national and international growth.

For fiscal year 2018, revenue has grown exponentially, adding three new marquee projects to our portfolios in Ohio and Maryland. We also maintained strong cost discipline resulting in increased cash flow from operations. In addition, we have begun investing in new market opportunities in southern California.

We delivered these results while preparing a pipeline of new and updated business development opportunities that will be secured in the year ahead. To best understand what we are about to deliver and what we're building toward, it's important to recognize a fundamental shift underway in our business and the areas of technology that we believe will drive the greatest opportunity in the future.

Our Business: Client and Employee Services
The full value of our internal technology strategy will be seen and felt in how we create cost efficiency and transparency for our clients, and how we improve the security and the participation of our employees. This is a shift in what we do and how we see ourselves — as a traditional service company in a new technology market. It impacts how we run the company, how we evaluate new technology, and how we approach projects and bids for both our clients and our employees.

Partners and New Markets
We will continue to work with our ecosystem of partners to deliver a unique menu of hauling, transportation, material and site management expertise to contribute cost and process efficiencies to the owners of city, state, county and private projects. Our clients want great solutions and we believe that a single solution does not fit each project. There will be times when we build specific solutions for specific purposes. In all, our work with partners and within our own organization, will focus relentlessly on delivering a seamless project management experience.

As an example, we first began with our employees (our greatest asset) by providing the option to receive bonuses in crypto currencies (Bitcoin). Further, we have begun strategy research to implement block chain and OPIM technology to give real time updates and control over site management activities to owners. Diadon Enterprises has expanded into southern California, opening an office in Century City to look at new market opportunities related to the pipeline of infrastructure projects stemming from the upcoming 2028 Olympics hosted in Los Angeles, as well as the $100 Billion of infrastructure projects submitted to the federal government for funding over the next ten years.

Our relationships with financial institutions and service providers who are also embracing the efficiencies that come with new millennium technology should make us a strong competitor in the southern California market.

Our Future
There's a remarkable amount of opportunity ahead for Diadon Enterprises in both the next year and the next decade. As we approach the end of 2018 and look toward 2019, there are several distinct areas of corporate development that we are focused on driving forward (new market growth, technology, cyber security and gaming technology). Leading the industry in these areas over the long term will translate to sustained growth well into the future. We are uniquely positioned to lead in these areas given our early adoption and the breadth of understanding of our executive team; and our partnership with owners of projects who share our values.

Diadon Enterprises is embracing a new era of growth — an era of incredible opportunity for the company, its employees and its partners.
There is an unprecedented amount of opportunity for the culmination of this year and the long-term vision of the company. There is a lot of hard work ahead, our success is generating excitement. My excitement for the future of Diadon Enterprises could not be greater, and we look forward to bringing more talent to the Diadon Enterprises team!

Diadon Enterprises is looking for engaging, enterprising, and self-motivated individuals across the organization. If any of the adjectives above describe you, please click on the Job Opportunities link on our website HERE. As always, thank you for your support.

Robert N. Black, III, Esq.
Chief Operating Officer