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The Diadon Enterprises, LLC mission is to be fair, honest and safe while producing quality work that gives each individual customer great satisfaction and a sense of profitable growth to our company and its employees. Diadon Enterprises is known for its attention to detail, quality work and reliable and efficient completion schedule. Diadon Enterprises will always demonstrate honesty, integrity and professionalism in all dump truck and transportation contractor operations in Columbus Ohio, Charlotte NC and beyond.


  • “Diadon Enterprises LLC has been a part of many Ohio based projects, including the OARS project, which was a major sanitary sewage project in the state of Ohio. With both large and small projects, Diadon Enterprises provides quality services to ensure planned outcomes. I am certain that Diadon Enterprises will continue to be successful in its endeavors and will provide quality services and material for upcoming projects.”
  • John Wooldridge
    President of Excenture Business Solutions
    Former Ohio State Buckeye/Dallas Cowboys’ Running Back

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