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Ross Island closes concrete division, lays off employees | Dump Truck Company

Concrete Pouring Truck

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Ross Island Sand & Gravel, owned by the RB Pamplin Corp.

, has closed its concrete division and laid off more than 20 truck drivers, mechanics, and fuelers, a union representing the drivers told Oregon Live.

Other dump trucks charlotte nc operations, including marine dredging, will continue.

“All the reps, all the drivers that I talked to, they were caught flat-footed. Thunderstruck,” said Teamsters Local 162 business agent Bill Elzie, adding that the drivers learned about the layoffs at a morning staff meeting on Tuesday morning, Jan. 15, 2019, the news agency reports. “They thought they were on the rebound.”

Oregon’s construction industry has been booming, so it’s not clear what caused the layoffs. According to the news agency, the dump trucks charlotte nc declined to comment, saying information would be made available through The Portland Tribune, which is owned by Pamplin.