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Step-N-Secure makes it easier, safer to get in and out of your truck bed; doubles as a tie-down post | Dump Truck Company

Worker using Step-n-secure to climb into truck bed

Everybody has trouble getting in and out of their pickup truck beds.

Truck and aftermarket manufacturers have come up will all sorts of clever step-up devices and unfolding tailgate sections. But the Step-N-Secure pickup truck bed handle (which doubles as a tie-down post) is certainly the least expensive option we’ve seen.

Step-N-Secure is made of reinforced polypropylene for corrosion resistance and durability. Customers should specify the truck make when ordering: The kit comes with a corrosion resistant lag bolt that ensures secured cargo cannot lift the handle at high speed. Drilling of one 1/4-inch hole may be required inside the box on some truck beds.

If you’re up on your safety standards you’ll notice that the Step-N-Secure makes it easy to establish the “three-points of contact” heavy charlotte nc dump trucks OEMs recommended for access to any piece of yellow iron. Not a bad rule to follow for trucks either. And did I mention slips and falls are one of the leading causes of construction worker injuries?

Retail price is about $30. For more info go to StepNSecure.com.

Step-n-secure for pickups