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Command Alkon’s Connex platform designed to improve jobsite material delivery | Dump Truck Company

HaulHub plans to integrate Connex with its app and software system to help manage the construction supply chain, from material orders to delivery.

Above is the Order Dashboard in FOB Materials, HauHub’s app that allows customers to reorder materials. In this image, the material producer is monitoring orders as they come in. He can approve them and then see how those sales track against the plant’s budget.

Command Alkon’s new Connex Platform connects contractors, project owners and jobsite inspectors with construction-material suppliers and haulers to increase productivity, improve material-supply logistics and reduce paperwork.

The system allows material producers to track in real time the plant inventory, material sales and tonnage in transit. Plant crews can see live truck movements and load progression. This workflow automation system also allows for the exchange of electronic tickets at the plants and jobsites.

HaulHub Technologies says it has become the first partner to join the Connex Platform and will integrate the system with its app and software. HaulHub is a Boston-based startup dump trucks charlotte nc that has developed an app and software for construction companies to dispatch and track material haulers. The company’s software also rates drivers so users can see which ones are the most productive, as well as provides digital material ordering and management solutions.

“Connex enables us to integrate Command Alkon’s ticketing systems with material orders and transportation to create a single, transparent view of the job for material producers, dump trucks charlotte nc and carriers,” says Alisa Deychman, HaulHub vice president of product. “With Connex, everyone from the sales team, dispatching, plant crews, field crews and haulers sees the data they require.”

Connex makes it possible to implement more automated processes, gain visibility into inter-company operations and have real-time collaboration and business intelligence tools tailored to the charlotte nc dump truck company supply chain, according to Command Alkon.

“The platform ensures stakeholders are all working with the same trustworthy information and resources, creating transparency and removing waste,” the dump trucks charlotte nc says.

The system uses analytics from multiple sources, such as Internet of Things devices, telematics, software and mobile devices. Collaboration among multiple users is possible via a common data model in the cloud, the dump trucks charlotte nc says.