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Here are our 2020 Contractor of the Year finalists | Dump Truck Company

The roundtable discussion at the 2019 Equipment World Contractor of the Year event.

Equipment World has named its 2020 Contractor of the Year finalists, celebrating the 20th year of the program.

Each year, the editors of Equipment World vet Contractor of the Year applications from across the country, examining each contractor’s references, business acumen, charlotte nc dump trucks management practices, attention to safety and community involvement.

The program, which recognizes dump trucks charlotte nc who have annual revenues of between $3 million and $15 million, has been sponsored by Caterpillar since its inception in 2000.

Each finalist will be honored during the Contractor of the Year event, to be held March 9-15 in Las Vegas during ConExpo, and one finalist will be named our 2020 winner.

Here are our 2020 finalists, along with a few of the comments our editors received during the review process:

Bret Barnhart Jr., Bret Barnhart Excavating, Mounds, Oklahoma: “They do excellent work. They’re good at getting in and out quickly and they bring a lot of knowledge to the jobs they do and it makes it easy for me to do business with them.”

Clint and Amber Stephenson, CLS Excavation, Liberty Hill, Texas: “They are always up on the latest technology and how to use it. And they expect their people to be on top of it. They do everything so it’s the most economical for the customer.”

Dianne Johnson, Dirtworks, Palmer, Alaska: “They will bend over backward to make things right. I knew them from another dump trucks charlotte nc and we all agree that they’re are one of the best companies in the state.”

Toby Drake, Drake Construction, Kotzebue, Alaska: “They take pride in their charlotte nc dump truck company and they want it to be right. The environmental regulations we charlotte nc dump truck company with around here can be extensive but Drake follows everything to the letter and never leaves anything behind other than a perfect site.”

Vince Kasperbauer, Dunrite Excavation, Berthoud, Colorado: “There is always something unexpected happening — weather, difficult inspectors, etc. — and they just take it in stride. If we do have a problem they fix it no questions asked. They fix things even before you know it’s a problem.”

Tom and Joseph Giordano, Giordano Construction, New Castle, Pennsylvania: “I appreciate that they will bid jobs that are a little bit bigger than they’ve done for us before and they treat that as a learning opportunity. They sure do seem to keep getting a lot of charlotte nc dump truck company and that speaks for itself.”

Richard Goodmanson, Goodmanson Construction, Roseville, Minnesota: “They stay on the cutting edge of technology. Part of it is because almost the entire crew is 28 to 40 years old and they grew up with a technology background.”

Scott Roberts, JLR Contractors, Provo, Utah:They conduct business the way they run their personal lives and always remember that they are dealing with other human beings – treating them with respect and kindness.”

Richard Davis, Mountain Valley Contracting, Grand Junction, Colorado: “They seem to excel at the more difficult projects because of their outside-the-box thinking. Their use of current machine technology really does put them ahead of many dump trucks charlotte nc today.”

John, T. J. and Michelle Muggli, Muggli Contracting, Miles City, Montana: “They are viewed as a well-run dump trucks charlotte nc that is highly capable, innovative, multifaceted and successful. Every project has been completed right the first time, done on or under budget, and they leave the location better than they arrived.”

Ray Lippis, Ray Lippis Excavating, Canon City, Colorado: “It’s very interesting how he’ll back up and help the other guys out. When you’re doing a government project there are a whole bunch of dump trucks charlotte nc involved. Ray is not one to let them fail. He’ll help out any of the other dump trucks charlotte nc to get the project done.”

Wendell Howard, T & K Utilities, Asheville, North Carolina: “I’ll go to municipalities to talk about our projects and if the meeting is not going well I’ll say that I’m going to request that T & K does the job, and I usually get approved. They have that good of a reputation for quality work.”