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ASV’s Loegering offering milling attachments by Australia’s Schibeci in US | Dump Truck Company

A Loegering/Schibeci ST1000 asphalt milling attachment on an ASV RT-120 compact track loader.

ASV subsidiary Loegering is now offering concrete and asphalt milling and grinding attachments in North America for compact track loaders and skid steers.

Loegering reached an agreement with Australian manufacturer Schibeci for the attachments, which will be co-branded Loegering Power Attachments and Schibeci for the North American market. They will continue to be manufactured by Schibeci in Australia and stocked in the United States, ASV says.

The products in the North American lineup are as follows:

  • ST1000 – primarily a road stabilizing machine that can also be used for milling asphalt. It has a 39-inch cutting width.
  • ST600 – Has a 23-6-inch cutting width for asphalt milling and road stabilization.
  • Power Profiler 2500R – Designed for bulk removal of concrete, ceramic tiles and epoxy mortar toppings with low-flow machines.
  • Power Profiler 2500 – Similar to the 2500 but for high-flow machines.
  • Polyplaner 300 – A single-head grinder with 12-inch-wide cut for removing road markings and tripping hazards.
  • Polyplaner 600 – Similar to the 300 but with a 23-inch-wide cut.