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Hitachi ZW 370-6 wheel loader offers 360-degree visibility, ConSite inspection reports | Dump Truck Company

Using the Hitachi ZW 370-6’s in-cab monitor, operators can access real-time machine telematics and set operating parameters.

Developed for high-volume production operations and quarries, the 389-horsepower Hitachi ZW370-6 offers 360-degree visibility, ride control and 48,780 pounds of breakout force.

“The first thing you see in the cab is that the front window goes all the way down both sides,” says Nathan Little, North American product specialist, Hitachi Construction Machinery Loaders America, speaking to Equipment World at ConExpo 2020. “You can see any obstructions that are in the wheel path.” Additional visibility is gained on the left side of the seat, where the door panel has a bottom window, and on the right of the seat, where Hitachi has put a door instead of a window.

Out the back window, the machine’s intake and exhaust stack are positioned farther back and lined up together to gain additional visibility. The engine compartment is curved, allowing clear view of the counterweights.

Using Hitachi’s in-cab monitor, operators can access real-time machine telematics and set operating parameters. “You can set the speed at which ride control kicks in, and adjust your kick-outs and dump heights,” Little says.

With the flick of the quick power switch, operators can give the machine extra engine output for going uphill. Owners can choose between an optional Joystick Steering System or the standard steering wheel. “We’re finding that about 30 percent of customers still want the steering wheel, but the majority are preferring joystick steering because it offers less operator fatigue,” Little says.

Also, the loader has a lock-up transmission that provides 30 percent more tractive force than its predecessor, the Kawasaki Z7, and reduces fuel consumption.

Little highlights several points of differentiation in the ZW370-6 versus some competitors:

  • Its 389-horsepower Isuzu Tier 4 Final engine does not use a diesel particulate filter. Instead it uses a high-volume cooled exhaust gas recirculation system, a common rail-type fuel injection system and diesel oxidation catalyst. “If a DPF happens to get clogged up, it’s a really expensive filter to replace,” Little says.
  • The machine’s dual-boom cylinder, which offers substantial breakout force.
  • Its 73,000-pound weight, giving the machine additional stability.

Hitachi says the model has a bucket capacity range of 7.3 to 8.1 cubic yards.

The ZW370-6 is the newest model in Hitachi’s Dash-6 wheel loader line, which will include 13  models in total.

Owner’s Site and ConSite

Hitachi’s Owner’s Site and ConSite – two remote monitoring systems that come with the purchase of a new loader – provide ongoing maintenance and operation data and help alert service technicians when service is required.

ConSite offers mobile diagnostics, machine information.

Taking telematics data from the machine, Owner’s Site gives fleet managers the ability to compare the ratio of operating and nonoperating hours, helping them manage the total cost of ownership. They can also view parameters such as fuel consumption and machine location.

ConSite provides automatic service reports, giving managers monthly reports that offer a detailed analysis of a loader’s operational data, ratios and hours.  The system also immediately sends urgent alerts, and in the case of a fault, an emergency alarm report to both you and your Hitachi dealer for immediate action.

Users also can download the ConSite Shot app to document an inspection report with images, captions and notes, which can be emailed to a Hitachi dealer. Using this information, dealers can prepare a parts quote or determine a potential machine issue. This app can also be used to inspect other brands of machines.

“It gives customers the ability to take daily inspection reports on all brands of machines and view them in one place,” says Mike Dixon, Hitachi service support manager. “They can take pictures of any discrepancies they find and attach them to the report. It keeps it simple and easy to report, and all of the notes are there.”

Hitachi dealers also have access to the ConSite Pocket app, which gives dealer service departments the ability to remotely monitor machines via their smartphone.