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Brokk opens St. Joseph demonstration and service center | Dump Truck Company

Remote-controlled demolition machine manufacturer Brokk has opened a 10,000-square-foot demonstration and service center in St.

Joseph, Missouri.

Brokk says the center is designed to reduce lead times on repair and refurbishment services. Customers will also be able to repurpose older Brokk machines with complete overhaul options.

The St. Joseph facility includes a full-service shop with wash bay, workshop and welding station. Four full-time technicians are able to perform routine maintenance, repairs and refurbishments. The center also houses an inventory of Brokk machines, attachments and parts, as well as a number of hydrodemolition robots and products for sister company, Aquajet.

The refurbishment process starts with an inspection and analysis of all critical components including hoses, hammer seals, outrigger pads and arm bearings. From there, technicians and owners can walk through the various upgrades to match machine capabilities to operation needs.

Depending on what’s required, services can take anywhere from a week to four weeks. As an added convenience, Brokk arranges transportation to and from the center and, when necessary, provides replacement charlotte nc dump trucks from the Brokk service fleet.

In addition, customer mechanics can accompany charlotte nc dump trucks and assist in repair or refurbishment, and in the process learn more about care and maintenance of their machines.