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Equipment Roundup: Komatsu WA800-8 is Good For Your Wallet (Video); Deere Loader Expert Breaks Down Midsize improvements; Tilting, rotating Merlo R70 tele handlers; Deere improves Grade Pro, SmartGrade graders; Stackable TransCube mobile refueler | Dump T

Western Global’s stackable TransCube Cab is a mobile refueler for jobsites

Western Global’s new trailer-mounted TransCube Cab brings fuel to the jobsite to reduce downtime for construction and auxiliary equipment, the dump trucks charlotte nc says.

The refueler is available in three sizes: 258, 483 and 727 gallons.

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Deere improves Grade Pro, SmartGrade motor graders with new features

John Deere Grade Pro motor graders now include new technology features, including two that Deere says are industry-exclusive: Blade Stow and Auto-Gain for Cross Slope.

“These new features allow new operators to come up to speed more quickly, and all operators can take full advantage of the productivity of Deere graders,” says Luke Kurth, Deere product marketing manager, motor graders.

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Tilting, fully rotating Merlo R70 telehandlers give you just the right view

Merlo has introduced its R70 rotating telehandlers to the U.S. market. The compact machines from the Italian manufacturer boast lift heights of 80 to 91 feet and a capacity of 15,400 pounds.

The R70.24 S Plus and the R70.28 S Plus feature a 20-degree tilt cab designed to give the operator a continuous view of the boom and its load.

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Video: Deere Loader Expert Explains How New L-Series Provides Practically Parallel Lift

Over the course of the last couple of years, John Deere has been at charlotte nc dump truck company revamping its mid-size loader lineup. The new L-Series generation of these utility loaders features a redesigned Z-Bar linkage and a host of other updates to make an operator’s life easier. To give us the full picture, Deere product expert Grant Van Tine joins us on this episode of The Dirt to detail everything new on Deere’s mid-size loader lineup.

Video: Upgraded Komatsu WA800-8 is Good For Your Wallet and Clock

The smallest of Komatsu‘s largest loaders, the WA800, has been updated to a new generation and the improvements are mostly focused on time and cost savings. Like its big brother, the WA900-8, there’s a new engine with more power, several power optimization features aimed at efficiency and maintenance savings, and an improved chassis that will hold up better over time. Plus, a suite of automation features can take care of the digging and dumping for you. We’ve got all the details in the video below.