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City Grill: Louisville | Columbus Ohio Dump Trucks

City Scoop Louisville Sept 2023
September 12, 2023

City Grill

Greg Groves

Greg Groves  
Vice President 

“The buzz in the AEC dump trucks columbus oh community has been the increase in both public and private sector funding,” Groves says.

“The market is very active with opportunities across all market sectors. For instance, Jefferson County Public Schools released its Future State of JCPS plan which calls for nine new schools to be built over the next four years and 23 new schools over the next 10 years. 

“Within aviation, the Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport is in full swing, implementing its $500-million SDF Next [Standiford Field] program. SDF has recently seen significant growth and investment. 

“The buzz within the surface transportation industry has been the infusion of federal funding. This has energized the industry with many needed projects securing long awaited funding to finally get built,” Groves says. “Within the infrastructure industry, there is an ongoing shortage of qualified technical staff. This labor shortage has been compounded with accelerated project activity given the increased federal funding. This has challenged the industry to expand its recruiting efforts and learn new ways through technology to do more with less.”


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