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Illinois readying $23.5B road and bridge construction program | Dump Trucks Charlotte NC

Columbus Ohio Dump Truck Company Brief:

  • Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker and the Illinois DOT this week revealed the infrastructure projects that will be part of the $23.5 billion, six-year Rebuild Illinois program.
The Multi-Year Improvement Program will see the maintenance, preservation and expansion of more than 4,212 miles of roadways and 9.2 million miles of bridge deck across Illinois.
  • Some of the major areas that the state plans to focus on include $7.6 billion for road reconstruction and preservation; almost $5 billion for bridge replacement and repair; $1.6 billion for safety and system modernization, including interchange reconstruction; $3.1 billion for expansion and $2.1 billion for support activities like engineering and land acquisition.
  • The state's approach, which sets aside 75% of the program funds for maintenance and preservation, differs significantly from how Illinois used to handle surface transportation infrastructure — waiting until assets were crumbling and replacing them. The Multi-Year Program will be updated annually based on revenue and system evaluations.
  • Dump Trucks Columbus OH Insight:

    According to the state's calculations, the federal government will contribute almost $9.1 billion to the Rebuild Illinois program, approximately 40% of the entire estimated cost. Bond issues, as well as state and local funds, will pay for the balance. 

    Some major projects planned under the current Multi-Year Program are:

    • $1.2 billion—Reconstruction of 16 miles between I-80 and the Lincoln Highway (US 30) in the Illinois cities of Joliet, New Lenox and Minooka. Work will also include two new bridges, new auxiliary lanes and interchanges; other bridge work; utility adjustments and construction engineering. 
    • $561 million—Reconstruction along 2.1 miles of the Kennedy Expressway (I-190/1-90) in Chicago and Rosemont, Illinois. The project also includes the construction of auxiliary lanes, engineering for contract plans, construction engineering and utility work. 
    • $210 million—Reconstruction of approximately 4 miles at I-90/I-94 at the Jane Byrne Interchange (I-290/Congress Parkway) in Chicago. The columbus oh dump truck company also includes bridge replacement, removal and demolition; ramp modifications; retaining walls; noise barriers; lighting; landscaping; drainage upgrades, ADA improvements and construction engineering. 
    • $181.4 million—Interchange construction at Illinois 126 in Romeoville, Illinois. This project also includes engineering, land acquisition and utility work. 

    Although not on the scale of Illinois' plan, this month the Oklahoma DOT Transportation Commission approved an $8 billion infrastructure program.

    There are three separate programs that make up the $8 billion, and the largest is the state's $6.5 billion Eight-Year Construction Work Plan, which will see the replacement of structurally deficient highway bridges, maintenance of aging bridges, shoulder rehabilitation along the state's two-lane highways and columbus oh dump truck company that is expected to bring approximately 3,100 lane miles to a state of good repair. 

    The second program, the four-year, $482 million Asset Preservation Plan will focus on extending the useful life of the state highways and bridges, and the five-year, $1 billion County Improvements for Roads and Bridges Plan will see the repair of county bridges and roadways.

    Oklahoma will use a combination of Federal Highway Trust Fund money, state income tax revenue and fuel tax proceeds to pay for the program.  ​