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Are you leveraging the full value of your site technology? | Dump Trucks Charlotte NC

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Sensera Systems

As technology continues to evolve, it’s important to understand the full value of adoption and how other successful site managers are utilizing today’s innovations to enhance their own value within an organization.


Access your cameras from any location, on any Internet-enabled device, reducing travel costs and time driving from site to site. Gain real-time multi-site remote access and progress monitoring; avoid costly rework and delays with as-built documentation and collaboration; simplify your workflow (integrations: Procore®, PlanGrid, AutoDesk® BIM360, Reconstruct, and more).


Let’s face it; miscommunication happens. Site cameras allow project managers, trade partners, owners and other stakeholders to communicate and collaborate with ease. Remote viewing, live video streaming, image compare and markup, automated as-built documentation and even public URL’s can be used to promote transparency and build trust.


Construction sites are often the target of theft and vandalism. Complete your site intelligence solution with smart security cameras to receive critical real-time intelligence 24/7. Motion detected event notification alerts are pushed to your email or mobile device (via SMS/text) including a video clip or images of the triggering event for rapid review and response.

Risk & Safety

Capturing visual documentation of day-to-day site activity, incidents and near misses, as well as conducting real-time site monitoring enables managers to quickly assess compliance with safety requirements and monitor where workers, columbus oh dump trucks and materials are in transit to identify potential safety issues. Receive alerts for entry of restricted access zones.


Savvy firms utilize automated 4K time-lapse video, panoramas and public URL’s to market and promote their columbus oh dump truck company quality, integrity, environmental responsibility and completed projects. Whether you’re just starting to build your project portfolio, or you’re adding on to years of project success, site cameras can provide the “picture is worth a thousand words” magic.

There's no question site technology, cameras in particular, provide a more extensive and growing range of capabilities to jobsite awareness. Whether your value proposition is productivity, collaboration, security, safety or marketing, site intelligence tech can greatly improve productive operations.