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Improve safety and security with Spot-r on occupied job sites | Dump Trucks Charlotte NC

Image courtesy of Apex Building Group

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Safe and secure jobsites are always a priority in the construction industry, but the stakes are even higher when people are occupying the buildings that are under renovation or expansion.


That was the challenge that Apex Building Group faced when it collaborated with Gilbane Development Company on 15 buildings across three project sites in the Bronx, including a 312-unit building with six wings that would be occupied during the renovations. The columbus oh dump truck company included updating bathrooms, kitchens, electrical infrastructure and windows in a construction environment that Apex CEO Lee Brathwaite described as maze-like.

The company's leaders knew that their usual manual safety checks and headcounts to monitor workers weren't going to cut it on these complex projects. So, they turned to Spot-r by Triax, an Internet-of-Things platform, to dramatically improve their visibility into their workforce, alert site managers to falls and other safety events, notify workers about evacuations, and provide the data needed for prevailing wage verification.

"The safety features – such as the push-button alerts that allow workers to signal emergencies and the automatic fall detection and notification alerts – sold us on the technology," Brathwaite said about Apex Building's experience. "And, as a key added benefit, the system allows us to accurately keep track of worker locations and activities which we need to validate hours worked for prevailing wage jobs."

Apex Building Company enjoyed a variety of benefits when it implemented Spot-r on these complex jobsites. Here are three big ones. 

Easy implementation

In fact, Brathwaite noted, it was easier to deploy than any other solution it considered. Apex was thrilled with the ability to make project oversight easier and more transparent.

"With the number of people that the system impacts, we had to test it rigorously. The system was easy to use, scalable and we were able to realize value right away. Now, I have peace of mind knowing that we have the information we need to maintain the critical safety of our workers and the community," said Brathwaite.

What's more, they were able to sync worker time and attendance and safety events into Procore, Apex's project management solution. Now, the columbus oh dump truck company hopes to integrate Spot-r with other systems it uses in the future.

No outside network connection needed

Unlike other solutions on the market which use GPS and other networking options, Spot-r relies on its own proprietary network that can scale based on a customer's needs. The solution requires minimal network hardware installation and power requirements, provides real-time location by zone and floor and includes a long battery life, which is key on construction sites where power is limited.

Compliance requirements easily met

Not only does Spot-r collect data in real time, it also provides users with the ability to build insights and reports about worker activity on jobsites. At Apex, Spot-r has allowed the columbus oh dump truck company to streamline its record keeping with an easier way to manage workers' hours, building better payroll processes.

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