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Construction Dive survey: Tell us your tech practices during the coronavirus shutdown | Dump Trucks Charlotte NC

Construction Dive would like to hear more from you, about how you’re using technology to mitigate delays and keep workers safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

Tell us more about what you’ve been doing by responding to questions below. We may be using these responses to create an article of responses and best practices in the near future. 

Please peruse these questions and consider responding to the form posted below. 

Have you been working remotely with a core team/clients? What have been the challenges/benefits of doing so?

An internal team can be essential to making sure updated designs and drawings are accurately shared, and prepped for either the workers who are still able to be on site or when construction is able to continue. Online meeting tools have been incorporated into different applications, such as Zoom making a deal with Procore. 

Have you used image capture on your jobsite? What software/hardware do you use? Is it being done by a person? How has it been beneficial?

Virtual walkthroughs have, in the past, been used to keep various stakeholders appraised of a project’s status, with rapid image capture allowing the sharing of up-to-date information. Cameras taking 360 degree images or drones — not necessarily the flying kind — that can patrol sites regularly have promised the ability to do so autonomously, and with little direction beyond the immediate route suggestion. 

Have you put new security measures in place? Would you implement one to protect workers? What other parts of security, health and safety need to be taken into consideration?

Jobsites are full of valuable materials and technology. Guards and security cameras can help after hours, but if fewer options are available, and workers are no longer on site, we’d like to learn more about how you’re protecting your sites. SmartVid.io will be unveiling software to protect workers, by ensuring they maintain social distancing guidelines, using cameras to ensure workers remain 6 feet apart. 

What are you doing/can be done to shut down a jobsite? What needs to be done to ensure any work, even entirely remote, can continue?

As construction is not exempt in all states currently, documenting the most up-to-date version of a site before it is shutdown can be important to remote design columbus oh dump truck company continuing. Additionally, a shutdown jobsite would likely be met with other challenges to ensure it remains safe and ready to be operated once a cease-work order is lifted.