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How project teams can start up again after COVID-19 (and emerge better than before) | Dump Trucks Charlotte NC


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By Touchplan

Construction has officially changed. As you seek out new resources and ways to cope with the world today, thinking about starting up again is equally important.

Recently, we highlighted the vital actions every construction project needs to take, regardless of your construction project’s situation. Since then, we’ve continued the discussion about workflow, replanning, and the new state of the industry. One topic that keeps recurring is rather than returning to a “new normal,” understanding that we can go back to a better way of working.

This “better way” can be achieved through collective efforts among design colleagues, trade partners, and field team members to keep teams intact, replanning, and preparing today. Simply put, investing in stakeholder collaboration now is the only way to fully recuperate and advance.

Join in a behind-the-scenes chat with industry veterans and future thinkers Michael Carr and Hal Macomber as they imagine and prepare for the return of the active jobsite, no matter when that time comes.  

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It’s important to accept that things won’t be the same, and focus on what we can control as we think about returning to the jobsite.

Delays and shutdowns don’t have to impact crucial preparations that were already underway. It’s empowering to get everyone together, albeit virtually, and get everyone’s best thinking to put a plan in place to overcome the obstacles of today and thrive tomorrow. 

To keep the conversation going, executive team members are invited to an open forum discussion on May 22. Register now.

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A note on Touchplan:

Touchplan is specifically made for construction project teams to connect and plan together, be it remotely or in-person. The interface is a simple drag and drop of plan activities. And with new video chat capabilities, teams can use Touchplan and video conferencing technologies all in one platform. Our singular focus is on supporting you, your team, and our industry during this extreme time of uncertainty.