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Report: Highest-paying construction jobs that don't require a college degree | Dump Trucks Charlotte NC

Columbus Ohio Dump Truck Company Brief:

  • Several of the highest-paid jobs in the country that don't require a college degree are related to the construction industry, according to a new report from Advisor Smith.
    Construction managers earn the second-highest salary on the list of jobs that don't require a degree, which is based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • The analysis found that even though 58% of construction managers do not have a college or associate degree, the median salary for the job is $95,260 a year, well above the national median salary of $39,810.
  • Fifty-four percent of adults in the U.S. workforce over age 25 do not have a college degree. The high salary earned by construction managers shows the value a long career in construction can have without higher education, according to the report’s author, Advisor Smith CEO Adrian Mak.

Dump Trucks Columbus OH Insight:

There are nearly 300,000 construction managers in the U.S., but the most common job that doesn't require a college degree was first-line supervisors of construction trades and extraction workers, with over 626,000 workers. Over 81% of those workers don’t have college degrees, according to BLS.

The highest-paid job in the country without a college degree, the study found, is nuclear power reactor operators, who earn an annual median salary of $100,530. Several other construction-related jobs are in the top 25 highest-earning jobs without a degree.

Here are the highest-paying construction-related jobs that don’t require a college degree:

JobMedian Salary% of workers without a degree
Construction managers$95,26058%
First-line supervisors of construction trades and extraction workers$66,21081%
Construction and building inspectors$60,71055%
Crane and tower operators$56,69090%
Civil engineering technologists and technicians$53,41057%
Brickmasons and blockmasons$53,10092%

In construction and engineering, associate’s degrees and certificates can lead to careers with wages as high or higher than many bachelor’s degrees, a study from Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce found earlier this year.

Certificate holders in engineering technologies have a median salary between $70,000 and $150,000, the center found, and certificate holders in construction trades have a median salary between $40,000 and $50,000, higher than certificate holders in computer science, business management, accounting, healthcare or education.

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