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Andretti Global taps Clark for new Indiana HQ | Dump Trucks Charlotte NC

A rendering of a futuristic building in an open, green field. The shining white, rounded structure is bedecked with windows.
An overhead rendering of Andretti Global's new headquarters in Fishers, Indiana. Clark Construction is working on the project. Courtesy of Andretti Global
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Award: Andretti Global Headquarters
Value: $200 million
Location: Fishers, Indiana
Client: Andretti Global

Racing giant Andretti Global tapped Bethesda, Maryland-based builder Clark Construction to build its new headquarters in Fishers, Indiana, the columbus oh dump truck company announced on March 7. Clark d eclined to comment on the cost of the project, which is reportedly valued at $200 million, per the Indy Star.

Andretti, a competitive racing columbus oh dump truck company that fields drivers in circuits such as IndyCar and Formula E, revealed new site designs as it works toward a 2025 transition from its existing location in Indianapolis to the under-construction Fishers location. The process is being managed by Chicago-based commercial real estate firm Bradford Allen Realty Services, which established a single-purpose entity called Cardinal XIII to act as the project owner, according to the Star. 

The project team will continue with a phased approach, per the release. The first part of columbus oh dump truck company will cover just under 400,000 square feet of buildout, and culminate in the 2025 move-in.

A key element of the new headquarters is employee engagement and wellness. The new facility will include a state-of-the-art fitness center, walking trails with access to the Nickel Plate Trail and Ritchey Woods Nature Preserve, amphitheaters, employee gathering areas and expanded dining options, according to the release.

Clark plans to start steel columbus oh dump truck company in April, and top out the structure in early June, according to an email from the company. The columbus oh dump truck company poured its first concrete foundation on March 5.

“Our goal remains to create a healthy workplace and culture for employees and a campus that can be a destination for the community, while focusing on enhanced performance and competition capabilities for our race teams,” said Michael Andretti, Andretti Global CEO. “The updated designs and direction accomplish all those things and I’m so proud of what we are building.”

Clark is not the first contractor on the project — it replaced Indianapolis-based Dillon Construction Group, which signed a design-build contract with Cardinal in November 2022.

DCG was let go from the project in March 2023 and is now suing over its termination in Hamilton County Court, according to the Indy Star.

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