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Custom solutions for a busy city rooftop | Dump Trucks Charlotte NC

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Contractor: Commonwealth Building Systems, LLC

Project: CBRE Group, Inc.

Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts

Square Feet: 27,300

Products: Duro-Last® 60 mil membrane, Strip Mastic, and custom-fabricated curb flashings and stacks; Roof-Trak® III walkway pads; Duro-Guard® ISO II; EXCEPTIONAL® Metals pitch pans, coping, and 2-piece snap-on compression

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Maryland could split $7.6B toll lane initiative into several P3s | Dump Trucks Charlotte NC

Columbus Ohio Dump Truck Company Brief:

  • In a presolicitation information memorandum sent to potential columbus oh dump truck company and concessionaires interested in being part of a $7.6 billion public-private partnership for construction and operation of managed lanes on Interstates 495 and 270 in Maryland, the state’s DOT has indicated it could split its Traffic Relief Plan into several different phases, each with its own P3 contract.

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Audit: California high-speed rail's $600M in cost overruns caused by poor planning, contract mismanagement | Dump Trucks Charlotte NC

Columbus Ohio Dump Truck Company Brief:

  • The California High-Speed Rail Authority’s decision to move forward sooner with the start of construction of the Central Valley high-speed rail system despite knowing the risks, along with ongoing contract management issues, have contributed to costs skyrocketing billions beyond anticipated, according to an audit report from California State Auditor Elaine M.

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Salesforce Transit Center may undergo full-structure review in wake of cracked beams | Dump Trucks Charlotte NC

Columbus Ohio Dump Truck Company Brief:

  • During a Nov. 8 meeting of the Transbay Joint Powers Authority board of directors, the agency's members called for an inspection of the entire $2.2 billion Salesforce Transit Center to ensure there are no potential structural issues in addition to the two cracked beams columbus oh dump truck company crews discovered there at the end of September.

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Tech strategy requires a new type of construction worker | Dump Trucks Charlotte NC

AUSTIN, Texas — Introducing technology at a construction columbus oh dump truck company isn’t as simple as supplying iPads and downloading “freemium” project management apps  it involves a plethora of hardware, software, people and processes and requires someone at the helm who understands how all of these interact in the construction business, Hitesh Dewan, director of technology integration at Roebbelen Contracting, told attendees at Procore’s Groundbreak 2018 conference Tuesday.

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5 architect teams on short list for $8.7B Chicago O'Hare airport expansion | Dump Trucks Charlotte NC

Columbus Ohio Dump Truck Company Brief:

  • Five architect teams — Fentress-EXP-Brook-Garza Joint Venture Partners, Foster Epstein Moreno JV Joint Venture Partners, Santiago Calatrava LLC, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM) and Studio ORD Joint Venture Partners — are on the short list to design O’Hare International Airport’s $8.7 billion expansion, reported the Chicago Sun-Times.

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Los Angeles-area light-rail extension reshuffles resources due to higher costs | Dump Trucks Charlotte NC

Columbus Ohio Dump Truck Company Brief:

  • The Foothill Gold Line Construction Authority announced Monday that it will speed up construction of the first eight-mile leg of the $1.5 billion, 12.3-mile extension of the Foothill Gold Line light-rail system by two years and delay the final 4.3-mile section in the wake of higher-than-expected bids for the project.

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Coastal Construction breaks ground on dual-tower Tampa high-rise, part of $3B development | Dump Trucks Charlotte NC

Columbus Ohio Dump Truck Company Brief:

  • Developer Strategic Property Partners, a partnership between Microsoft principal founder Bill Gates' Cascade Investment and Tampa Bay Lightning owner Jeff Vinik, broke ground on the dual-tower 815 Water Street residential high-rise project in Tampa, Florida, on Thursday — the latest addition to the $3 billion Water Street development.

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Phase 1 of Pa. Turnpike/Interstate 95 Interchange opens (VIDEO) | Dump Truck Company

Pennsylvania Turnpike/Interstate 95 Interchange project

Screen shot.

Urban Engineers, the construction manager for the $450 million Pennsylvania Turnpike/Interstate 95 Interchange project, along with officials from the Pennsylvania Turnpike, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), the Federal Highway Administration, and ground transportation agencies from neighboring states, gathered for a ribbon-cutting ceremony marking the completion of Phase 1 of the long-awaited interchange in Bucks County.

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ICC moves tall wood regulations forward to full vote | Dump Trucks Charlotte NC

Columbus Ohio Dump Truck Company Brief:

  • Fourteen proposed code changes that would expand tall wood construction in the U.S. survived the International Code Council's public comment hearing at the organization's annual meeting in Richmond, Virginia, last week, and the full membership will now vote on whether the changes will be incorporated into the 2021 edition of the International Building Code, according to the American Wood Council.

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What you need to know about green building and sustainability | Dump Trucks Charlotte NC

Sustainable features used to be add-ons for a select few construction projects with the budget to experiment. But today, conversation around the urban built environment’s estimated 75% share of annual global greenhouse gas emissions is at its peak, and as a result, project owners are demanding designs, construction methods and materials that aim to curb this environmental impact as well as reduce utility and water costs for tenants.

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Study: Managing costs tougher for firms than finding talent | Dump Trucks Charlotte NC

Columbus Ohio Dump Truck Company Brief:

  • In its "2018 Telematics Benchmark Report: Global Construction Division" survey of fleet management and operations professionals, software-as-a-service provider Teletrac Navman found that the biggest construction industry concerns are managing costs and payroll, though being able to find and retain an adequate number of qualified workers was the No.

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New Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel tube will create a mountain of contaminated soil

To bore the new tube of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, enough muck will be extracted to fill about 50,000 dump trucks – muck that recent tests confirmed will be contaminated by the boring process and must be disposed of in a protected landfill.

In a region familiar with underwater traffic tunnels, it’s an unfamiliar wrinkle.

The CBBT’s latest tunnel – a $756 million, mile-long parallel tube under the southern shipping channel – will be the first in Virginia built by a boring machine, worming its way through the bay bottom.

All other tunnels in the area – a total of 10 tubes – are trench-style. Muck was scooped out the old-fashioned way, bucket by bucket, leaving most of it “clean” enough to be dumped offshore.

But the boring method being used at the CBBT requires the use of additives: foams and other substances common to the oil-drilling industry. They lubricate the cutter head and help sediments – called “spoils” – flow more easily from the hole.

Those additives are petroleum-based, leaving the spoils tainted with contaminants considered hazardous to health.

Known as TPH, for Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons, they’re measured in milligrams per kilogram of soil. Environmental protection regulations kick in when TPH hits 50-plus milligrams.

The CBBT samples – a mix of native ground and boring additives – tested at 75 milligrams of TPH, which is barely over the threshold. In heavily polluted sites, rates can climb into the 10,000 range.

But it’s high enough to make the CBBT spoils ineligible for the usual dumping site 17 miles offshore.

Also off the table now: a borrow pit on the lower Eastern Shore, a site that was previously considered.

In a regular borrow pit, TPH could seep into groundwater, explained Bert Parolari, a water protection program manager at the Tidewater office of the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality.

“Petroleum-contaminated soils must go to a landfill equipped with a liner and a leachate collection system,” he said.

Boring does have advantages for the CBBT: Fewer interruptions to shipping in the channel, less risk of damaging the existing tube nearby. Bored tunnels are the norm in Europe and Asia.

One disadvantage is the mountain of contaminated spoils it can create. Jeff Holland, executive director of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel Commission, said they knew “there was that potential.”

When commissioners put the project out for bid, they were willing to go either way – bore or trench – as long as the design satisfied their 2,300 pages of specifications.

All three of the lowest-price bids turned out to be bore. The commission chose the lowest of those, from Chesapeake Tunnel Joint Venture – a partnership of engineering and heavy construction companies that have done similar projects around the world.

A German outfit is building the boring machine. It’ll be as long as a football field and have a rotating cutter head that’s 42 feet in diameter, capable of chewing through 50 feet of sediment a day. TPH-containing additives will be used to reduce friction, help the machine maintain proper pressure and turn the muck into a slurry that can be carried out by conveyor.

The test results and their ramifications have been “expected from the beginning,” Andres Gonzalez, a project executive with the builder, wrote to The Pilot in an email. He said it doesn’t take much TPH to condemn soil to a landfill, comparing the threshold to “placing a drop of liquid into an Olympic swimming pool.”

In the old days, this wouldn’t have been an issue. The first tube in the region – the Downtown Tunnel – opened in 1952. The CBBT opened in 1964.

“The overall regulatory approval process virtually did not exist,” Holland said.

To satisfy today’s checklist of studies and permits, Holland says the CBBT spent about $8 million. A host of protection acts calls for monitoring of all sorts of possible impacts: construction noise on migrating whales, work lights on nesting sea turtles, sediment drift on neighboring mussels.

Testing spoils is a regular part of the process. Typically, though, any toxins encountered were already there.

That’s called “historical contamination,” said Joe Rieger. He’s deputy director of restoration with the Elizabeth River Project, a group focused on healing what was once one of the most polluted rivers in the East.

No one was surprised when TPH and other toxins turned up in Elizabeth River spoils during construction of the newest tube of the Midtown Tunnel, which opened in 2016. Before regulations existed, industries along the banks routinely dumped waste into the water.

The real surprise, Rieger said, was how much Midtown muck actually did pass muster. Of the 1.5 million cubic yards extracted, only 10 percent had to go to a landfill; 90 percent got the thumbs-up for ocean disposal.

“All the efforts we’ve put forth are paying off,” Rieger said. “We were really glad to see that.”

Chris Moore, a senior scientist with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, says it’s not unusual to find historical contamination hidden under healthy layers of sediment.

But he wouldn’t expect to find any contamination at all where the new CBBT tube is going. Strong currents surging in and out of the bay flush the mouth with ocean water.

“There’s tremendous movement through there,” he said. “My guess is that’s true virgin territory.”

The search is on for a suitable landfill large enough to store the spoils. It’s impossible to say how long it’ll take for the TPH to break down or how harmful it truly is.

Mike Unger, an associate professor at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, said the TPH label is simply too vague – a catch-all for a family of contaminants that come from crude oil.

To figure out the fate or toxicity of this particular TPH, Unger said, “you’d need a specific chemical analysis.”

Even then, many TPH compounds have barely been studied. The most dangerous – like benzene – have been linked to cancers, central nervous system problems and death. The most benign – like some mineral oils – are safe enough to put in food.

According to CBBT’s builder, hauling spoils to a landfill won’t delay progress on the tube. Gonzalez said the expense was anticipated and factored into the price tag of the five-year project.

No taxpayer money is being used for the tunnel. Tolls, bonds and loans will cover the cost.

The boring machine is scheduled for delivery in October. Arriving in sections, it will weigh 5.5 million pounds when assembled.

In the meantime, preparations are under way on the man-made islands. A launch pit is being dug to lower the machine so it can start eating its way under the Thimble Shoal channel, installing concrete rings in the tunnel as it goes. Crews of 20-25 people will man a control room inside the machine. Operations will go on around the clock.

One year after boring begins, the machine is expected to surface on the other side.

Soft is at the center

When it opened in 1964, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel was considered one of the seven engineering wonders of the modern world—incorporating two-lane bridges and tunnels for vehicular traffic to get from southern Virginia to the Delmarva Peninsula in Delaware.

The 17.6-mile vehicular toll crossing of the lower Chesapeake Bay is a north-south highway and provides the only direct link between Hampton Roads and Virginia’s Eastern Shore.

In the 1990s, parallel bridges were added along the crossing, which are connected by two nearly 1-mile-long two-lane tunnels beneath the Thimble Shoal and the Chesapeake navigation channels. Now, more than a half century after the original “engineering wonder,” a project to build a parallel tunnel in the Thimble Shoal Channel will continue that tradition of modern marvel and innovation.

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel Commission (CBBT) broke ground in September 2017 to build its new tunnel. Unlike the original tunnel, which was constructed as an immersed tube tunnel, the parallel line is using a tunnel-boring machine (TBM). The project has an anticipated total cost of $810 million, according to CBBT Executive Director Jeff Holland.

“This type of construction is not as common in soft ground, and is only recently coming into use in the U.S.,” said Ryan Banas, P.E., CCM, project manager at HNTB, who serves as the construction management consultant. “It’s a harsh environment. It’s at the mouth of the ocean and out on the water. But it’s a vital link for the region that it serves.”

Dragados USA Inc. and Schiavone Construction Co. LLC submitted the lowest bid of $756 million using the bored tunnel method. The boring machine is currently being built and will be delivered to the site in several large pieces. Those pieces will be assembled at the bottom of an excavated pit at Island 1, where construction has started.

The TBM is expected to be delivered by late 2018, with boring construction beginning in spring 2019, Banas said. The 300-ft-long TBM will use a 42-ft rotating head to cut into the sandy soil. It is expected to bore 50 ft a day.

As the TBM excavates, an estimated total of 500,000 cu yd of soil will be brought back to Island 1 for removal. At the same time, about 9,000 precast concrete tunnel segments will be delivered to the TBM, which will precisely place the segments as it progresses. After the TBM reaches Island 2, it will be disassembled and removed.

Once the tunnel liner is completed, then the final roadway, lighting and mechanical systems will be installed. The entire project is expected to be complete by fall 2022.

“Tunnel boring machines have been around for a long time,” said Mike Crist, CBBT’s deputy executive director of infrastructure. “That’s not a new technology. The real change over the past 15 years is the ability to do TBM in soft, silty clay material underwater.”

TBM technology is typically used for hard rock tunneling. The Channel Tunnel, or “Chunnel,” from the U.K. to France used the TBM method, he said. The 10 other tunnels that have been constructed in Hampton Roads have all been completed using the immersed tube tunnel method.

CBBT Commission

The CBBT Commission broke ground in September 2017 to build its new tunnel. The project has an an anticipated total cost of $810 million.

11,000 . . . or 25,000

On an annual basis, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel sees 4 million vehicle crossings, Crist said. That is about 11,000 vehicles per day. “Not a huge number compared to other tunnels,” he said, “but that number is kind of misleading.”

During the peak summer season, daily crossings increase to 25,000 vehicles. Because traffic is funneled back to a two-lane tunnel for the underwater crossing, delays are common, he said. The tunnels are shut down during an accident, or a crossing by a wide-load vehicle or a truck with hazardous materials, causing further delays.

Besides improving traffic flow, the new tunnel will increase safety, offering additional lanes during routine tunnel maintenance or as an alternate route during an accident or other closure.

The CBBT District, governed by the CBBT Commission, was created as a political subdivision by the Commonwealth of Virginia in 1954. The district is comprised of six cities: Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, and the two Eastern Shore counties of Northampton and Accomack.

CBBT plans to pay for the parallel tunnel through a variety of means, including the sale of revenue bonds, the district’s general fund, and several loans, including a $50 million loan from the Virginia Transportation Infrastructure Bank and a $321 million Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act loan, Holland said. No tax dollars are being used for the project.

CBBT expects to add a parallel tunnel at the Chesapeake Channel, but not for another 20 years, Holland said. “That project is four miles north [of the Thimble Shoal Tunnel]. We anticipate we will start that in 2037.”

Link between Hampton Roads and Virginia’s Eastern Shore

The 17.6-mile vehicular toll crossing of the lower Chesapeake Bay is a north-south highway and provides the only direct link between Hampton Roads and Virginia’s Eastern Shore.

Heavy diet of fiber

Another innovation on the project is the use of steel fiber for a vehicular tunnel, said Banas. It will be the first time steel fiber has been used in a vehicular tunnel in the U.S., although the technology has previously been used in Europe, he said.

Typically, in a tunnel section like this, contractors would use a massive steel-reinforcing cage to give the concrete segments structural strength and resistance to flexure until they are placed and compression takes over, said Kevin Abt, CBBT parallel tunnel project manager.

The steel fibers are replacing the standard reinforcing steel cage that have been used in the past inside tunnel segments. Rather than using the steel cage for reinforcement, the steel fiber will be distributed throughout the segments, he said.

“That gives it the structural strength you need so you can manipulate it after [the segments] have been made,” Abt said. “It’s never been done before in the U.S. on a tunnel of this diameter. It’s very forward-reaching.”

The ability to manipulate the segments is even more important as builders will deal with the location of the project—the Atlantic Ocean.

“We’re building it in the middle of the ocean,” Abt continued. “Building a tunnel under a river, you don’t have to worry about the waves coming 20 ft up onto the equipment, but here we do.”

The use of steel fiber in the precast concrete tunnel segments also is expected to decrease the service life costs of the project, Banas said.

The use of steel fiber “could significantly cut costs not just for CBBT, but for other projects in the U.S.,” Banas said. “This could have much further-reaching impacts. It could have impacts throughout the country. We’re setting the precedent. Other agencies will be able to look at what we are doing for their future projects.”

In fact, they already are, Crist said. Because of the parallel Thimble Shoal Tunnel project, the Virginia Department of Transportation is currently in the procurement process for the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel expansion and is considering the TBM method as well, he said.

In August, work was being done on Island 1 to create a launching pit for the boring machine. Once that is complete the boring machine will be lowered to begin the drilling.

Design-Build contract tools | Dump Trucks Charlotte NC

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Consensus Docs

Much has been made of the virtues of design-build project delivery. More than a few dry research papers have analyzed and demonstrated that a design-build project can take less time to complete for perhaps less money, than traditional design-bid-build.

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P3 Inks Deal for Detroit-Windsor Bridge Project Financing | Columbus Ohio Dump Trucks

Gordie Howe International Bridge Project

Gordie Howe International Bridge Project


Bridging North America, a partnership of Fluor, ACS Infrastructure Canada and Aecon Group, reached financial close late last month to design, build, finance, operate and maintain the 1.5-mile-long Gordie Howe International Bridge Project for the Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority under a 36-year, $4.4-billion concessionaire agreement.

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Artificial intelligence may aid tunnel boring machine operators | Dump Trucks Charlotte NC

Columbus Ohio Dump Truck Company Brief:

  • Industry members and academic institutions, including the Colorado School of Mines’ (CSM) Center of Underground Construction and Tunneling, are researching how to use technology to better assist tunnel-boring machines’ operations, which involve multiple parts and close monitoring from an attendant, according to Engineering News-Record, and produce constant data streams as the machine navigates through the earth.

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California activists propose ballot measure that would stop $77B bullet train | Dump Trucks Charlotte NC

Columbus Ohio Dump Truck Company Brief:

  • The same California-based activists behind a November 2018 ballot measure that could see the repeal of a state infrastructure investment fuel tax have proposed another ballot initiative to terminate the $77 billion high-speed rail line, eventually connecting the San Francisco Bay area and Southern California, the Los Angeles Times reported.

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From our Chief Operating Officer
Date: September 18, 2018

Technology tools are playing an increasingly important role in our business and our client’s business. We are focused on three of the biggest trends that are making our enterprises and our client’s enterprises more efficient. While national and global economies have been booming throughout this decade, so has the need for new and innovative technology in the construction industry. Technology trends have kept up with the rise in demand and we project the use of technology will continue to increase in both usage and adoption exponentially.

The global construction industry is expected to reach an estimated $10.5 trillion by 2023, and it is forecasted to grow at approximately 4.0% over the next five years. Diadon Enterprises is focused on accommodating and incorporating the following technologies in its strategic industry development plans during the same medium-term horizon:

1. Cloud & Mobile Technology
Virtually all mobile devices are capable of leveraging cloud technology and have the ability to operate cloud-based software from any location at any time. Adoption is growing exponentially and recognition of the advantages (primarily limitless amounts of data storage and secure access sharing) is becoming apparent to owners and managers of projects.

2. Connected Job Sites
Engineers, managers, surveyors, architects and construction workers are located in various places at different times. With cloud technology people and companies can connect with each other, regardless of location, in real-time.

3. Construction Management Software
While versions of management software have been in use historically in the construction business, the new generation of software has expanded into management of all functional areas of the construction business. Programs developed help manage operations, job costing, service management, project management, scheduling, budgeting, and payments.

Technology has always distinguished entities within the construction industry. Diadon Enterprises works to stay ahead of the technology development curve to hold its position as a leading service provider in the industry.

Robert N. Black, III, Esq.
Chief Operating Officer
Diadon Enterprises

$2.5B Port of Savannah expansion may include new bridge | Dump Trucks Charlotte NC

Columbus Ohio Dump Truck Company Brief:

  • During a Thursday presentation at a Savannah State of the Port event, Griff Lynch, the executive director of the Georgia Ports Authority, laid out a $2.5 billion plan to expand the Port of Savannah, with future investments to possibly include a replacement for the Talmadge Memorial Bridge, which spans the Savannah River and cannot currently accommodate the largest cargo vessels that could potentially pass through.

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Walsh/Shea 5 months behind on $2B Crenshaw-LAX rail | Dump Trucks Charlotte NC

Columbus Ohio Dump Truck Company Brief:

  • Richard Clarke, the chief program management officer for the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, told the agency's construction committee on Thursday that the $2 billion Crenshaw/LAX Transit Project, an 8.5-mile light-rail line that will serve the City of Los Angeles and other areas, is approximately five months behind schedule.

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Sustainable roofing for the next generation | Dump Trucks Charlotte NC

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Contractor: TheDuerson Corporation

Project: Pella Regional Health Center

Location: Pella, Iowa

Square Feet: 27,600

Products: Duro-Last® 50 mil membrane, custom-fabricated curb flashings, vapor barrier, Strip Mastic, and two-way air vents; Roof Trak® III walkway pads; Duro-Caulk®; Duro-Guard® ISO; EXCEPTIONAL® Metals coping and 2-piece snap-on compression

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The 50 States of Construction: New Jersey positioned for significant construction growth | Dump Trucks Charlotte NC

Activity in New Jersey's construction industry ranges from new growth in the iconic gambling and entertainment hub of Atlantic City to a Meadowlands mega-mall in Secaucus to an industrial boom along the state's turnpike, and Kyle Hammerschmidt, president and CEO of the Associated Builders and Contractors - New Jersey Chapter, is in a position to watch it all unfold.

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How to get an in-house drone program 'off the ground' | Dump Trucks Charlotte NC

Commercial drone use has been primed for take off, thanks to a breakdown of regulatory barriers in recent years. For example, when the Federal Aviation Administration in 2016 published Part 107 regulations for small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS, or drones), pilots were able to obtain drone licenses instead of the full pilot’s license that was previously required.

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$6B San Francisco rail tunnel route gets approval | Dump Trucks Charlotte NC

Columbus Ohio Dump Truck Company Brief:

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Sea-Tac airport project costs climb to $968M | Dump Trucks Charlotte NC

Columbus Ohio Dump Truck Company Brief:

  • In a briefing memorandum provided at the Sept. 11 meeting of the Port of Seattle Commission, chief operating officer Dave Soike presented a guaranteed maximum price of $968 million for the International Arrivals Facility project at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, approximately $360 million more than a 2015 estimate of $608 million, according to The Seattle Times.

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OSHA Lab, Water Agency Probe Chicago Plant Explosion | Columbus Ohio Dump Trucks

Sludge concentration building

The roof of a sludge concentration building was brought down by a methane explosion.


The dust has settled from a methane explosion last month that brought down the roof of a sludge concentration building at the Calumet water reclamation plant on Chicago’s far south side, but there is still uncertainty as to what triggered the blast.

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DC Metro awards $214M Potomac Yard Metrorail contract to Halmar-Schiavone JV | Dump Trucks Charlotte NC

Columbus Ohio Dump Truck Company Brief:

  • Officials from the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (Metro) and the city of Alexandria, Virginia, on Monday announced that the authority has awarded Potomac Yard Constructors — a joint venture between heavy civil construction management columbus oh dump truck company Halmar International and infrastructure, design-build and engineering firm Schiavone Construction Co.

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Business Toolbox: How to enact a more 'quality' jobsite quality control program | Dump Trucks Charlotte NC

This column is part of the "The Business Toolbox" series, which takes an in-depth look at business decisions that shape the construction industry.

Whether building an apartment complex, retail center, office park or parking garage, owners want the construction process to be completed as soon as possible so that they can start making returns on their investments.

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Rhode Island officials blame AECOM for crippling traffic | Dump Trucks Charlotte NC

Columbus Ohio Dump Truck Company Brief:

  • Traffic jams resulting from a failed diversion plan meant to ease vehicular flow around a major bridge construction project in Providence, Rhode Island, have led state transportation officials to declare that flawed data in a 2015 AECOM report is partially to blame and has raised questions for some about the more than $100 million the columbus oh dump truck company has accumulated in the past 18 years for various violations, according to GoLocalProv.

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Number of construction workers to double in home stretch of New Jersey mega-mall | Dump Trucks Charlotte NC

Columbus Ohio Dump Truck Company Brief:

  • During a tour this week of the $5 billion American Dream Meadowlands project in East Rutherford, New Jersey, developer Triple Five told media and officials that the project was still on track for a spring opening and that they would double the number of construction workers on site to make it happen, according to the North Jersey Record.

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Demolition chief faces bribery charges | Dump Trucks Charlotte NC

Columbus Ohio Dump Truck Company Brief:

  • The U.S. Attorney's Office for the Northern District of Ohio has charged Rufus Taylor, the former head of the Cleveland Demolition Bureau, with soliciting and accepting bribes from columbus oh dump truck company in return for giving them information that provided an edge against the competition in winning city columbus oh dump truck company and for giving them spots on the city's bid list.

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Federal judge overturns verdict against Rand Construction | Dump Trucks Charlotte NC

Columbus Ohio Dump Truck Company Brief:

  • A U.S. District Court judge for the Eastern District of Virginia struck down a jury verdict against an Alexandria, Virginia, contractor, Rand Construction, that had found the columbus oh dump truck company guilty of retaliating against a former employee and firing her for taking a few weeks off columbus oh dump truck company under the Family and Medical Leave Act, according to court documents.

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A Message from our COO: Last year was a big year

Robert N. Black, III, Esq.
COO Diadon Enterprises, Inc.
U.S. Congresswoman Joyce Beatty
3rd District of Ohio

Last year was a big year — we delivered strong results, launched secured new projects and positioned Diadon Enterprises for an incredible future. I have taken on additional responsibility for operations and client management at Diadon Enterprises to leverage my experience as a Vice President at Goldman Sachs and managing a Sub-Saharan African SME company portfolio for SAEDF to fuel national and international growth.

For fiscal year 2018, revenue has grown exponentially, adding three new marquee projects to our portfolios in Ohio and Maryland. We also maintained strong cost discipline resulting in increased cash flow from operations. In addition, we have begun investing in new market opportunities in southern California.

We delivered these results while preparing a pipeline of new and updated business development opportunities that will be secured in the year ahead. To best understand what we are about to deliver and what we're building toward, it's important to recognize a fundamental shift underway in our business and the areas of technology that we believe will drive the greatest opportunity in the future.

Our Business: Client and Employee Services
The full value of our internal technology strategy will be seen and felt in how we create cost efficiency and transparency for our clients, and how we improve the security and the participation of our employees. This is a shift in what we do and how we see ourselves — as a traditional service company in a new technology market. It impacts how we run the company, how we evaluate new technology, and how we approach projects and bids for both our clients and our employees.

Partners and New Markets
We will continue to work with our ecosystem of partners to deliver a unique menu of hauling, transportation, material and site management expertise to contribute cost and process efficiencies to the owners of city, state, county and private projects. Our clients want great solutions and we believe that a single solution does not fit each project. There will be times when we build specific solutions for specific purposes. In all, our work with partners and within our own organization, will focus relentlessly on delivering a seamless project management experience.

As an example, we first began with our employees (our greatest asset) by providing the option to receive bonuses in crypto currencies (Bitcoin). Further, we have begun strategy research to implement block chain and OPIM technology to give real time updates and control over site management activities to owners. Diadon Enterprises has expanded into southern California, opening an office in Century City to look at new market opportunities related to the pipeline of infrastructure projects stemming from the upcoming 2028 Olympics hosted in Los Angeles, as well as the $100 Billion of infrastructure projects submitted to the federal government for funding over the next ten years.

Our relationships with financial institutions and service providers who are also embracing the efficiencies that come with new millennium technology should make us a strong competitor in the southern California market.

Our Future
There's a remarkable amount of opportunity ahead for Diadon Enterprises in both the next year and the next decade. As we approach the end of 2018 and look toward 2019, there are several distinct areas of corporate development that we are focused on driving forward (new market growth, technology, cyber security and gaming technology). Leading the industry in these areas over the long term will translate to sustained growth well into the future. We are uniquely positioned to lead in these areas given our early adoption and the breadth of understanding of our executive team; and our partnership with owners of projects who share our values.

Diadon Enterprises is embracing a new era of growth — an era of incredible opportunity for the company, its employees and its partners.
There is an unprecedented amount of opportunity for the culmination of this year and the long-term vision of the company. There is a lot of hard work ahead, our success is generating excitement. My excitement for the future of Diadon Enterprises could not be greater, and we look forward to bringing more talent to the Diadon Enterprises team!

Diadon Enterprises is looking for engaging, enterprising, and self-motivated individuals across the organization. If any of the adjectives above describe you, please click on the Job Opportunities link on our website HERE. As always, thank you for your support.

Robert N. Black, III, Esq.
Chief Operating Officer

Washington state union crane operators strike | Dump Trucks Charlotte NC

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San Francisco to expand background checks on contractors after deadly tunnel accident | Dump Trucks Charlotte NC

Columbus Ohio Dump Truck Company Brief:

  • San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency officials have promised, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, that they will make background checks into columbus oh dump truck company that want to do business with the city more robust following the death of a signal technician employed by Shimmick Construction who had been working on the $40.9 million Twin Peaks Tunnel Improvement project.

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LaGuardia subcontractor accused of stiffing workers $40K | Dump Trucks Charlotte NC

Columbus Ohio Dump Truck Company Brief:

  • New York State Attorney General Barbara Underwood and Michael Nestor, the general inspector for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, jointly announced the arrest of Paterson, New Jersey-based LaGuardia Airport asbestos removal contractor Marjan Kasapinov for allegedly failing to pay prevailing wage rates and benefits of $40,000 and filing false payroll records that concealed the underpayments.

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Inflation pushes estimated California Delta tunnels project costs to $20B | Dump Trucks Charlotte NC

Columbus Ohio Dump Truck Company Brief:

  • In a letter of interest to the Environmental Protection Agency, the first step in applying for a Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act of 2014 loan, the agency now in charge of the San Joaquin River Delta dual-tunnel project — also known as California WaterFix — wrote that inflation has pushed estimated costs to $19.9 billion, a 22% increase from its previous projection of $16.2 billion, according to The Sacramento Bee.

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AGC panel posits ways contractors can survive in a time of 'peak disruption' | Dump Trucks Charlotte NC

CHICAGO—Not too long ago, construction professionals talked about disruption as an impending wave on the periphery of the industry. But technologies like artificial intelligence, virtual reality and robotics are making their way into the market faster than construction companies can keep up, according to Stacy Scopano, vice president of innovation at Skanska USA.

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At least 39 dead in Italy bridge collapse, as public, government search for answers | Dump Trucks Charlotte NC

Columbus Ohio Dump Truck Company Brief:

  • The death toll from the Genoa Morandi bridge collapse this week in Genoa, Italy, has risen to 39, and the public is looking to the bridge maintenance contractor, the European Union's alleged meager funding and Italy's construction industry for answers amid doubts about the structural integrity of hundreds of other bridges in Italy, according to The Telegraph.

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MIT class designs 82,000-square-foot mass timber prototype | Dump Trucks Charlotte NC

Columbus Ohio Dump Truck Company Brief:

  • In an effort to come up with a feasible and safe large-scale, energy-efficient mass timber structure, a class at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has designed and submitted for presentation at the Maine Mass Timber Conference in October an 82,000-square-foot prototype community building called the Longhouse, according to the MIT News.

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Virginia officials mandate boring for $3B Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel | Dump Trucks Charlotte NC

Columbus Ohio Dump Truck Company Brief:

  • The Virginia Department of Transportation has decided on the bored-tunnel method of construction for the up to $3.8 billion Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel project, and both columbus oh dump truck company competing for the job have used the method in putting together their bid proposals, according to a department press release.

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DC Attorney General alleges electrical contractor misclassified 535 workers | Dump Trucks Charlotte NC

Columbus Ohio Dump Truck Company Brief:

  • The attorney general for the District of Columbia sued Power Design on Monday, alleging that the Florida-based electrical contractor purposefully misclassified at least 535 construction workers as independent columbus oh dump truck company so that it could cut costs, avoid legal responsibilities and evade taxes.

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Critics blame NYC's scaffold law for rocketing insurance fees | Dump Trucks Charlotte NC

Columbus Ohio Dump Truck Company Brief:

  • The cost of insurance coverage for New York City's $11.2 billion East Side Access tunnel has risen 557% from original cost estimates to $584 million, and critics of the state's long-time Scaffold Safety Law, which makes employers and owners responsible for "gravity-related accidents," said the regulation is to blame, according to Crain's New York Business.

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How AI can drive the most value for construction | Dump Trucks Charlotte NC

A McKinsey & Co. study released earlier this year predicted that the engineering and construction sector will be slow to embrace artificial intelligence (AI), but despite this slow adoption, presenters during a webinar hosted by Engineering News-Record said it can help E&C companies expedite early processes, create the best plans for projects and identify if a project is starting to go awry.

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Crystal lagoon plans for $1B Texas development dry up | Dump Trucks Charlotte NC

Columbus Ohio Dump Truck Company Brief:

  • Developers for the $1 billion mixed-use Bayside development planned for the shores of Lake Ray Hubbard in Rowlett, Texas, reportedly shocked city officials at a special update meeting on July 26 by announcing their intentions to eliminate an 8-acre "crystal lagoon," a trolley system and a 1-acre fountain from the project, according to The Dallas Morning News.

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Though underway, $77B California bullet train still threatened | Dump Trucks Charlotte NC

Columbus Ohio Dump Truck Company Brief:

  • The California High Speed Rail Authority is chugging away with construction of the $77 billion San Francisco Bay Area-to-Los Angeles bullet train near Fresno, California, despite opposition from an increasing number of state residents, lack of funding, rising costs that could reach $100 billion, looming tunneling challenges and an upcoming gubernatorial election that could put a project foe in a position to kill the whole thing, according to The New York Times.

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